Stack Ranch

Come hunt 100% free range WILD Texas hogs with us! We allow night hunting. We have creeks and ponds on the property and there's plenty of cover also (mesquites, oaks, pecans, etc).

 We have nice, big blinds, roomy enough for 2+ adults. Each blind has a feeder that feeds twice per day, every day. We never run back-to-back hunts, keeping pressure low, and our blinds are setup for hunters, by hunters!

 Our newly remodeled
cabin is always free for our hunters.

*WEEKEND HOG HUNTS: $450 per hunter  (Friday afternoon through Sunday noon). Weekday hunts also available at same rate. Add days to your trip for $200 per hunter.

4 hunter minimum - 2 night minimum.  Most our of groups do the 3 night hunt, example Thursday - Sunday or Friday - Monday

*NO LIMIT HOGS AND PREDATORS! NO kill or weight fees!

​*Price INCLUDES lodging, guide, tracking help, blind transportation, etc. All deposits are nonrefundable/transferable. Cash only for final payment.

Guide tips/gratuity are VERY much appreciated and are not included in pricing. 

*There's a cleaning pole, winch and water hose near the cabin. You can take care of your animals or we can quarter them for you ($40 each).

​*You may use the weapon/caliber of your choice but we recommend a .270 or bigger.

*Archery hunters welcome!

*Youth hunters welcome!


 *Gun mounted red or green light! We suggest red. Night vision and thermal gear welcome.

 *Hunting license/Hunters safety


*Pillows & Bedding

*Towels for showering (we do not provide any)

*Paper towels, plates, plasticware

*Cooler for meat (no walk-in available)

 *Mosquito Repellent 

 *Scent killer spray 

*Lighter fluid/Charcoal if you plan on grilling

 *Cash for final payment (we do NOT accept checks or cc's)

For more info, or to book a hunt, please email us at [email protected]
Typically I can respond to email or text faster but you can also call me any time.

Matt 817-903-0350
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